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Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple). Another motor bike trip took us to a few spots around the Krabi province, the most rewarding being this Buddhist temple sitting 260 meters atop the limestone formations. 1,272 stairs take you straight up the side of the cliff. Not easy, but the views and tranquility are well worth it!

Skyrim Pet Problem!

Any knowledgeable Skyrim fans out there? The almighty Internet has failed to provide me with assistance so I seek council from ye wise sages!

So here’s the problem:

When I adopted my first kid, she’d constantly ask me to keep the dog I brought home even if I didn’t have one as a follower. Eventually I got tired of it so I said sure, just keep the invisible dog or whatever. This was during the quest involving Barbas and the Daedric prince but Barbas was not with me at the time (I have finished the quest since then and Barbas is now in the Plain of Oblivion lol) so later on, I moved to a new home and the same child, Lucia, brought home a fox so I let her keep it. I then adopted another daughter, Sofie, and she refuses to bring home a pet or give me the option to adopt a dog, in this case Bran from Fort Dawnguard. I was wondering if this was a bug and if there was any way to fix it. So far, I’ve tried waiting a couple days but no luck. I’m thinking it could be related to the Barbas quest but I’m not entirely sure about it. 

if anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!